2018 conversations–

Potluck revolves around a series of conversations, not keynotes.


This year's conference asks participants to think about "what's next" in the areas of technology, corporate culture, and design.


From the macro concepts of design and culture, to the minutiae of optimizing day-to-day operations, Potluck offers opportunities for people to connect on a variety of topics and ideas. Conversation on the agenda currently include:

-Establishing a company culture that reinforces your brand at every touchpoint

-Optimizing workflows and productivity with technology and systems-based operations

-Creating brands and branding that connect with consumers

-Building a team culture with a temporary or part-time workforce

-Design for differentiation in a saturated media landscape

-Maximizing profitability through data and systems in kitchen operations

-Navigating the complex HR landscape for the hospitality industry

-Pivot, acquisition, and exit strategies for growing companies

-Hospitality design and expansion to brick and mortar operations

-Modern strategies for networking and collaboration

And we're still taking suggestions! Fill out our contact page to let us know what else you'd like to see!