Potluck returns to Downtown LA, March 5 & 6, 2018.


Potluck Hospitality Conference 2018

Potluck is a two-day conference bringing together key players in the events and hospitality industry. It is a new conference for a new generation of event companies.

Potluck is organized around conversations, not just keynotes, and we look forward to hearing what you bring to the table.


We are the vanguards of the experience economy.

No longer confined to restaurants and hotels, the landscape of the hospitality industry now includes outlets such as private venues, off-site catering, pop-ups and underground supper clubs. This new dynamic pulls together chefs, designers, producers, and venues together like never before. Experiential hospitality has emerged to meet the demands of clientele who expect great food and design to be part of any great experience, and we've created Potluck to bring together the companies working at the forefront of these experiences, to discuss tactics, strategies, and opportunities for continued growth.


Potluck brings together the best names in the events and hospitality industry, and provides a forum for conversation, workshops, and education among like-minded professionals.

We invite you to join us alongside peers and leaders from across the country. Potluck will feature noteworthy speakers and panelists, and there will also be extensive opportunities to engage with other participants throughout the day. The mission of Potluck is to bring together an exceptional group of people, all of whom have something to bring to the table. Potluck promotes a modern approach to the business of social occasions, and we're excited for you to join us.

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